Surges Bay Orchard

Proud to be Australia’s southernmost cider producer

From Blossom to Bottle…

Family farmed and handpicked, our ciders are created from certified organic apples grown and pressed on the orchard in Tasmania’s pristine Far South.





Wild ferment

Surges Bay Orchard proudly claims the title of Australia’s southernmost cider producer. Situated in Tasmania’s beautiful Far South, it nestles between the townships of Geeveston and Dover in the renowned apple growing region of the Huon.

Far South Tasmania is unrivalled in the purity of its air and water. Add sunlight, highly fertile soils and certified organic apples fermented in the traditional method, and you have a recipe for an authentic cider experience like no other.

The Orchard’s unique position in a secluded valley on the forested slopes of Mt Tongatabu provides a perfect little microclimate where our apples thrive on crisp misty mornings and Tasmanian sunshine.